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Key Initiatives
The WE ACT Environmental Justice Center of New York

Harlem on the River (HOTR) Waterfront Park

Columbia University's Expansion into Manhattanville

NYC Lead Outreach Campaign

If You Live Uptown, Breathe at Your Own Risk Campaign

Healthy Home, Healthy Child Campaign

North River Sewage Treatment Plant

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Northern Manhattan Environmental Justice Coalition

Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts

Human Genetics, the Environment, and People of Color

Leadership Building

The "DIFFERENTT" Youth Leadership Program

Earth Crew Youth Internship Program

Environmental Health Leadership Training (EHLT)

Environmental Worker Training Program (EWTP)

Community-Based Health Research

Diesel Exhause Exposure Among Adolescent in West Harlem

Developing a Geographic Framework for Studying Respiratory Health in Harlem

Industrial & Commercial Sites Audit

Columbia Center for Childrents Environmental Health

NIEHS-Funded 4-Year Asthma Intervention

Reducing Indoor Allergen Exposures in the South Bronx

Community-Based Initiative to Protect Infants in Northern Manhattan from Environmental Risks

Forums, Workshops, & Conferences

Environmental Health Public Forums/Fair

Uptown Asthma Awareness Month

Keeping Brownfields Clean Initiative

Dry Cleaners Campaign

Alternative Fuel Vehicles Workshop

Human Genetics, the Environment, and Communities of Color:
Ethical and Social Implications

Six out of eight of Manhattan's diesel bus depots are located uptown. Until the Transit Authority converts these depots and buses to natural gas, deadly diesel exhaust fumes will continue to pollute the air. This puts the health of a half million mostly African Americans and Latinos at risk. Don't just breathe this all in. Do something. Join with WE ACT. Because clean air is a right, not a privilege - even when you live above 96th Street.

For information call WE ACT at (212) 961-1000. WE ACT For Environmental Justice.

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