Developing a Geographic Framework for
Studying Respiratory Health in Harlem

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This project proposes to produce a computerized map, or geographic information system (GIS), of Northern Manhattan for use in environmental health studies in this community. The aims of the project are to:
  1. Map Northern Manhattan with respect to standard geographical features (e.g. political boundaries, roadways) and potential exposures of concern (e.g. bus depots, traffic volume data, locations of point sources of air pollution);
  2. Link available respiratory health outcome data and sociodemographic characteristics with environmental exposure data;
  3. Target locations for collecting much-needed ambient air pollution exposure data (e.g., particulate matter), and perform preliminary monitoring at selected sites; and
  4. Develop GIS research capabilities and expertise at the H.C. and the Environmental Center, and make those resources available to community groups as tools for environmental health communication.

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