Reducing Indoor Allergens
Exposures in the South Bronx

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While the burdens of asthma morbidity and mortality in the disadvantaged urban neighborhoods throughout New York City are among the highest in the nation, one NYC community that has been especially affected is the South Bronx. The present supplemental application seeks to expand our indoor allergen intervention study, currently planned for northern Manhattan, to 20 apartments in the South Bronx in which asthmatic children reside.

As in the main study entitled "Reducing Indoor Allergen Levels in Northern Manhattan", we hypothesize that sustained reductions in residential exposures to indoor allergens can be achieved through interventions that take account both of the unique cultural/behavioral characteristics of the community as well as of the latest methods of allergen assessment and control. We further hypothesize that changes in allergen exposures following intervention will be associated with corresponding changes in measures of allergic sensitization and symptoms among urban apartment dwellers who have asthma.

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