NIEHS-Funded 4-Year Asthma Intervention:
"Reducing Indoor Allergen Exposure
in Northern Manhattan"

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The specific aims of this study are:
  1. To characterize the profile of allergen exposures inside 100 Harlem apartments in which one or more allergic/asthmatic individuals reside, and to simultaneously assess exposures to potential covariates or confounders, including ETS, NO2, and PM2.5.
  2. To characterize the immunologic status of the allergic/asthmatic individuals at baseline using both standard and innovative molecular immunologic methods.
  3. To evaluate the feasibility of interventions to reduce indoor allergen levels in these apartments. The allergen sources to be evaluated include cockroaches, dust mites, rodents, and fungi.
  4. To test and compare the effectiveness of apartment-level and building-level interventions focused on two or more of the allergens evaluated in (3).

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