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Comments to the Columbia Expansion Draft Scope of Work...
In one of New York City's largest and most extensive proposal for a planned development in many years, Columbia University has requested that the City make a major change in zoning regulation of 35 acres of Manhattanville in West Harlem.

Columbia plans to build a new 17-acre campus on this site (but its intensions regarding the remaining 18 acres is unclear).

The proposed expansion presents a unique opportunity for Columbia to assume a leadership role in changing how development programs are planned and implemented in New York City.

With the new campus spreading out over eight city blocks along the waterfront and indefinite operation planned, Columbia will leave a permanent mark of unprecedented size and scope on the future of the West Harlem community.

  • This 2-page Official Executive Summary ( 98KB) document offers the brief introduction contained in the 98-page Official Written Comments document below which details WE ACT's comments on the Columbia Expansion Draft Scope of Work.

  • This 98-page Official Written Comments ( 640KB) document details WE ACT's comments on the Columbia Expansion Draft Scope of Work.

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