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DIFFERENTT: Diverse Individuals Fighting For Environmental and Reproductive Efforts Now 'Till Tomorrow.

The mission of DIFFERENTT is a project developing women of color leadership in order to advocate for environmental and reproductive rights.

Bringing New Voices to the Reproductive Rights Agenda. Advocates on gender, sexuality, reproductive health and environmental issues fail to incorporate the perspectives and experiences of women of color. DIFFERENTT allows a new generation of advocates to bring their voices to the fight for reproductive rights via community forums, peer exchanges, policy sessions with elected officials, policy recommendations and the Drafting of the New York City Young Women of Color Reproductive Rights Agenda.

Promoting Advocacy and Community Organizing. WE ACT promotes youth led activities and empowers community members and youth to advocate for their needs. DIFFERENTT will hold a peer and woman roundtable on reproductive and environmental health and other community events and forums to encourage a dialogue of reproductive and environmental health and rights issues as well as perform community outreach to educate community members on the current state of reproductive rights.

Instigating intergenerational and peer dialogues. To encourage intergenerational and peer dialogues on reproductive and environmental health, the Policy Advisory Council was formed that is made up of elected officials and policy members and the Reproductive Health Advisory Council was formed that is made up of different young women of color in the fields of reproductive and environmental health. All council members have been able to support and meet with DIFFERENTT at different times throughout the two years.

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