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ADDITION Wednesday,
June 22, 2005
7:14:50PM EST
Posted two additions to the Job Announcements section, and made several updates to the WE ACT Staff section.
URL: http://www.weact.org/jobs/index.html

April 29, 2005
2:57:00PM EST
Updated the data on the "WE ACT Over the Years" section of the WE ACT History page.
URL: http://www.weact.org/history.html

April 28, 2005
4:15:37PM EST
On March 31, 2005 the Department of City and Regional Planning (CRP) at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York shut down their old web server. The description for The Cornell University Assistance Project and external links to their work had to be updated to reflect the change.
URL: http://www.weact.org/gis/index.html

April 15, 2005
12:33:59PM EST
Added the online registration form for the three-hour guided bus tour of the Toxics and Treasures Tour or Northern Manhattan.
URL: http://www.weact.org/toxictour/register.html

April 8, 2005
3:13:13PM EST
Added information about the Healthy Homes Training: "Safer Ways to Eliminate Rats & Roaches: Creating a Healthier Home".
URL: http://www.weact.org/hhhc/index.html

April 1, 2005
4:32:00PM EST
Updated the description and Online Registration Form for the fifth session of the Environmental Health & Justice Environmental Leadership Training.
URL: http://www.weact.org/ehjlt/index.html

ADDITION Wednesday,
December 14, 2004
4:50:11PM ET
Added the spanish version of the healthy homes survey.
URL: http://www.weact.org/healthyhomes/survey_sp.html

VARIOUS Tuesday,
December 7, 2004
7:43:49PM ET
Updated some broken links, updated the staff list, and added the english version of the healthy homes survery. The spanish version will follow soon.
URL: http://www.weact.org/healthyhomes/survey_en.html

December 6, 2004
Updated the PDF versions available for our Uptown Eye community newspaper, and the index of stories included.
URL: http://www.weact.org/publications/uptowneye/index.html

February 13, 2004
5:56:14PM ET
Worked on some general additions to the site that are scheduled for future improvement. Most notably, the addition of information about and registration feature for the fourth Environmental Health Leadership Training course.
URL: http://www.weact.org/ehlt/

January 9, 2004
6:25:48PM ET
Made a few minor updates and additions to the Mailing List Registration Form, and also added several press releases to the Press Advisories section.
URL: http://www.weact.org/pressadvisories/

VARIOUS Thursday,
May 8, 2003
4:04:08PM ET
The most major of the changes performed on this upload has been the systematic enhancement of the Sample Maps section of the GIS Mapping Desktop branch. This section now contains sample thumbnails of maps as well as valuable metadata detailing where the information came and a history of modifications and corrections made to each map (where applicable) along with the map maker's notes. The PDF versions of the maps and related reference materials are still available for viewing and downloading by clicking on the image thumbnail. Added images requested for the Keeping Brownfields Clean Initiative page. Made a small addition to the Press Advisories section by adding an important press release regarding the Harlem Asthma study which confirms WE ACT's claim. Finally, I performed a few cosmetic changes to the PROGRAMS corner of the site along with tunneling a few links to expand on some of our other program areas, namely:
URL: n/a

VARIOUS Wednesday,
April 16, 2003
5:32:11PM ET
A number of additions and modifications were made, most based around the revisions to the Northern Manhattan Environmental Justice Coalition section. The revisions included adding information about New York City's Waste Disposal Problem (this page has a textually in-line ) and a companion description page about the implementation for these temporal models. Some of the original Department of Sanitation (DOS) PDF documents regarding the Marine Transfer Station Conversion Plan are now archived on this website since they do not appear to be available from the DOS website (A full archive of all of the documents exists on CD-ROM at the WEACT office). Included a photo caption page for the photo of the Cornell University students which is located on the GIS Mapping Desktop section. This GIS section now also contains a division that lists every available for the Temporal Information System (TIS).
URL: n/a

April 11, 2003
2:20:21PM ET
Added the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for the Asthma Hospital Admissions Trend Model established on the website on mid-week. I've tried to answer all of your questions as detailed as possible, but if you have any other items you need addressed please e-mail the person specified in FAQ question # 7.
URL: http://www.weact.org/gis/asthmarates-faq.html

ADDITION Wednesday,
April 9, 2003
3:17:12PM ET
Established a new feature that predicts the asthma admissions cases for the current year given the history of previous year. This Asthma Hospital Admissions Trend Model displays information for individuals of all ages in designated areas of New York City. In the future, as the prediction algorithm becomes more complex, information for all ZIP codes in New York City will be tallied and displayed in order to provide a better contrast. Be sure to read the DISCLAIMER on the data model.
URL: http://www.weact.org/gis/asthmarates.html

April 7, 2003
6:00:01PM ET
Included information about the Northern Manhattan Environmental Justice Coalition which was established to initiate and implement a Northern Manhattan community planning process that will result in a just and equitable plan for waste disposal in New York City. Updated the names and information for the WEACT Board of Directors. A few other minor modifications were made.
URL: http://www.weact.org/mts/

March 31, 2003
8:33PM ET
Updated the poll service provider on our home page using the webmaster's web tools from Bravenet. Simplified the Mailing List Registration Form by consolidating certain information elements, and specified several required fields to prevent accidental submission of the form before completion.
Note: If you'd like to register to our mailing list as an individual with a residential address as well as a different business/group address then you will need to fill out the form again with the new information and modify the "Address Type" field appropriately.
URL: http://www.weact.org/mailinglist/

March 28, 2003
7:26:48PM ET
Various changes to the site's file and support structure to assist future scheduled updates and additions; and minor changes to the GIS Mapping Desktop's facade. Generated the groundwork for the new Youth Group section that will be developed shortly.
Due to the support structure upgrade, the pages no longer reflect the last time the text was updated. Rather, they now reflect the last time they were modified. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please use this page to help you keep track of information changes on this site.
URL: http://www.weact.org/differentt/

March 13, 2003
6:01:09PM ET
It's been long overdue, but the GIS section has been populated further. It includes over 30 GIS maps that show some of our work in the past, and where we will be going in the future. A links section has been lightly populated and will continue to be updated in the as time passes. The online map has been updated with current statistics and polluting locations. Use the index page as the launch pad to the rest of the section, afterwards, use the quick link remote control to navigate more easily. Updated the Downloads section to include the GIS maps.
URL: http://www.weact.org/gis/

April 5, 2002
4:42:11PM ET
The Save The Date section has been lightly restructured to incorporate a five year calendar. Updated the information for this year, in particular the information for Summit II taking place in mid-October in Washington, DC. The Harlem on the River Planning Document is now downloadable as a PDF, and remains viewable online as standard HTML. Included a link for the Environmental Health Perspective Supplement guest edited by WE ACT, and updated the Executive Director's Biography.
URL: n/a

March 15, 2002
5:50PM ET
I've made a number of structural changes to the GIS Mapping Desktop section, and although not complete, they will be more apparent in the next few weeks. The Downloads page has been populated with information as well as a new Site Index/Site Map page. Have re-structured and populated the Uptown Eye pages, and you can now use a download matrix to download available issues of our newspaper as PDF's. I've also included downloads to past Earth Crew newsletters as PDF from either the Downloads page, or also from the Earth Crew web page. Genetics Conference web pages are still available, but have been archived.
URL: n/a

November 29, 2001
2:12:00PM ET
Various minor changes throughout the site. In particular, modified the room number in our address header to reflect our new office space, and updated the information for the re-scheduling of our Human Genetics, Environment, and Communities of Color: Ethical & Social Implications conference.
URL: http://www.weact.org/genetics/

August 14, 2001
1:53:51PM ET
Various minor changes throughout the site. In particular, added new members to the Board of Directors and to the WE ACT staff directory list.
URL: http://www.weact.org/staff/

ADDITION Thursday,
May 31, 2001
1:50:00PM ET
Added a few new job postings / descriptions and made minor format modifications to the existing ones in the Job Announcements page.
URL: http://www.weact.org/jobs/

May 17, 2001
11:54:08PM ET
Added a few minor classifier fields to the Mailing List Registration Form.
URL: http://www.weact.org/mailinglist/

May 16, 2001
4:15:08PM ET
Finalized the process of allowing credit card donations to our Donations page using the services at Helping.org.
"Helping.org is an easy-to-use, one-stop online resource designed to help people find volunteer and giving opportunities in their own communities and beyond. With customizable services and comprehensive information, it's never been easier—or more secure—to donate your time, services, or financial support."
URL: http://www.weact.org/donations/

May 11, 2001
3:19:21PM ET
The section pertaining to the Human Genetics, Environment, and Communities of Color: Ethical & Social Implications conference at Columbia University on September 20th has been expanded to include more information about the conference itself, an agenda, registration information, scholarship information, lodging information, maps & directions, etc., have been added or will be added in the comming weeks leading to the conference.
URL: http://www.weact.org/genetics/

ADDITION Wednesday,
March 19, 2001
3:40:15PM ET
The section pertaining to the Alternative Fuels Workshop at City College on May 4th has been expanded to include an agenda, and the list of sponsors.
URL: http://www.weact.org/savethedate/2001/2001_May_4.html

ADDITION Thursday,
March 15, 2001
3:16:00PM ET
WE ACT Website Revision 2.5 gets uploaded. Numberous Additions and modifications to the information and organization of our pages. Take a look for yourself and explore many of the new features. For the most part, much of the navigation for our projects and programs has been focused under the PROGRAMS section which can be reached by using the PROGRAMS button on the left pane of this window. One ultimately new addition is the Job Announcements page.
URL: n/a

January 24, 2001
1:47:13PM ET
Added On-line, Real-time Translation support for this website via the use of a free on-line translator site, Go.com, which is powered by SYSTRAN Internet translation technologies.
Please read the webmaster's CAVEAT for this feature.
URL: http://www.weact.org

January 23, 2001
1:14:17PM ET
Included a List View for all the facilities mapped in the GIS hotspot image of environmentally polluting facilities in Manhattan island.
URL: http://www.weact.org/gis/facilitylist.html
Main URL: http://www.weact.org/gis/

ADDITION Wednesday,
January 10, 2001
Various miscellaneous changes and touch ups, including the incorporation of color images to numerous pages and in-site crosslinks.
URL: n/a

January 9, 2001
5:27:12PM ET
Added a GIS Mapping Desktop branch showing some of the Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities at WE ACT. This page is still under development. Currently, only the hotspot ID's for MTA-owned bus depots in Manhattan contain detailed information.
URL: http://www.weact.org/gis/

January 8, 2001
12:25:59PM ET
Changed the file naming scheme used for many of the website source files. Many old bookmarks you may have placed on your browser may no longer be operational. This was done to simplify the tree structure, and to use less cryptic paths on distributed media. All paths have been updated to reflect this change.
For Example:
OLD: www.weact.org/weact_advocacy_index.html.
NEW: www.weact.org/advocacy/
URL: n/a

January 2, 2001
10:14:15AM ET
Fixed a typo in the preamble for the Principles of Environmental Justice where the word fight was missing from the sentence "...people of color to fight the destruction...".
URL: http://www.weact.org/ej_principles.html

ADDITION Wednesday,
December 21, 2000
4:15:06PM ET
Provided information for possible donors to send their Donations to WE ACT. Sometime in January of 2001 I will include a secure link in this page to accept credit card donations through the Internet.
URL: http://www.weact.org/donations/

December 20, 2000
12:47:16PM ET
Made a few minor modifications to the Mailing List Form in order to conform better with the information supplied by international users.
URL: http://www.weact.org/mailinglist/

December 11, 2000
4:20:17PM ET
To keep up with the growth of the website, a What's New? section has been added and updated the buttons on all the pages to link to it.
URL: http://www.weact.org/whatsnew.html

December 11, 2000
3:23:12PM ET
Added the ability to register into the WE ACT General Mailing List, and updated the buttons on all the pages to link to it.
URL: http://www.weact.org/mailinglist/

December 6, 2000
2:48:15PM ET
Updated the links in the PROGRAMS page to include Harlem on the River. (See "Draft Planning Document" below)
URL: http://www.weact.org/programs/

ADDITION Wednesday,
December 5, 2000
2:05:13PM ET
Added the draft planning document for Harlem on the River.
URL: http://www.weact.org/hotr/

CREATION Wednesday,
November 1, 2000
5:13:13PM ET
WE ACT Website Revision 2.0 goes online. Version 1.0 can still be found at the link below, but is no longer being updated and may be removed without notice.
v1.0 URL:
v2.0 URL:

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