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Release 1 May/June 1996 View n/a n/a
Release 2 October/November 1996 View n/a n/a
Release 3 January/February 1997 View n/a n/a
Release 4 June/July 1997 View n/a n/a
Release 5 August/September 1997 View n/a n/a
Release 6 October/November 1997 View n/a n/a
Release 7 April/May 1998 View n/a n/a
Release 8 August/September 1998 View n/a n/a
Release 9 Fall 2001 View 905KB 1.46MB
Release 10   View n/a n/a
Release 11 March/April 2004 View 1.34MB 1.14MB
Release 12 Fall 2004 View 3.01MB 2.65MB
n/a: Not Available Online. Limited copies may be archived in office.
What Is The Uptown Eye?
This bilingual, bimonthly newspaper, which began with the May/June 1996 issue and a distribution of 10,000 copies, is the key tool that WE ACT utilizes to communicate with residents and community leaders and inform them of significant quality of life issues impacting Northern Manhattan.

Uptown Eye focuses on environmental issues impacting the Northern Manhattan community. Through in-depth reports, the paper serves as a tool for educating the community about issues including planning and zoning, air and water quality, and to highlight positive neighborhood initiatives. Coverage includes environmental legislative initiatives, resource guides and reports to educate voters on how elected officials are responding to environmental issues.

WE ACT is guided by the principle that environmental and social justice cannot be achieved without a vocal, informed and empowered community expressing its vision of what its community can and should be. An empowered community is one that has the resources, motivation, information and political savvy not only to reject and oppose (which is often necessary) but also to formulate, initiate, and implement its own plans, and to monitor the administration and operation of such initiatives.

The Uptown Eye has proved to be a valuable tool for WE ACT's advocacy and education initiatives. We continue to get calls and comments praising the professionalism and content of the paper.

How Can I Get The Uptown Eye?

We generally distribute latest issues at schools, community boards, libraries, and churches all throughout Northern Manhattan. We also use regular mail to send issues to individuals who are on our mailing list. If you would like to receive a copy of our newspaper in your mailbox the next time we generate an issue, give us your contact information by filling out our Mailing List Registration Form. You can also download a full color english and/or spanish version of the paper copy in Adobe Acrobat Reader format from the "Download Matrix" above. For information on downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the "Media Links" section of our Downloads page.

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