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Asthma Model Details For:
Neighborhood: Williamsbridge/Baychester
Area Name: Bronx
Borough: Bronx
County: Bronx
Specific Area Name:
Predicted 2004 Admissions: 189
General Status: Declining
Status between 2000 and 2001: [Under Development]
Minutes between admissions: 2,787.69
Logical time between admissions: 1-days, 22-hours, 27-minutes, 41.608-seconds,
Years of data analyzed: 8 (1994 to 2001)
Maximum value: 265.00
Median value: 223.00
Minimum value: 0.00
Range: 265.00
Average (arithmetic mean): 198.50
Mode: none
Variance: 6,110.00
Std. Deviation: 78.17
Std. Error: 27.64
Kurtosis: 6.22
Skewness: -2.39

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