100th Street MTA Bus Depot
(This Depot is Currently Expanding)
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In Northern
Owner: Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)
Division: Manhattan
Address: 1550 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10029
Size (Square Feet): 81,347sq.ft.
Number of Buses: 168
Total Employees: 465
Operators: 336
Dispatchers: 30
Line Supervisors: 10
Managers: 13
Maintainers: 46
Helpers: 11
Cleaners: 16
Clerks: 2
Analysts: 1
Local Routes: 6
Split Routes: 0
Express Routes: 2
Bus Routes: M19, M35, M86, M96, M101, M102, X90, X92
Like the 126th Street Diesel Bus Depot, the 100th Street Diesel Bus Depot is located in Manhattan Community Board 11. This community board is comprised of 92.9% People of Color and only 7.1% White according to the 1990 US Census STF-1B.

Source: 1995 MTA Insiders Guide

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